Answers to frequently asked questions about your RV insurance.

What types of recreational vehicles do you insure?

Through some of our carriers we offer coverage for class A, B and C motor homes , campers, travel trailers, pop ups, horse and utility trailers. We also can cover motor homes with values up to $1 million and travel trailers with values up to $300,000.


Can I use my RV for work?

Most our insurance providers cover only Recreational vehicles used for personal recreation. They also do not offer coverage for any RV driven or towed to and from work or a work location, including any RV used by touring entertainers, construction workers and race car drivers. We do however can discuss options for this type of coverage with our commercial insurance providers. Call us at Tulsa Insurance Guy to discuss options.


My RV is also my home for most of the year. Am I covered?

Mostly all our carriers only provide coverage if you use your RV for less than 150 days a year.


Can I get roadside assistance for my RV?

Yes, you can. Emergency assistance option by some our carriers includes all the great features of your common Roadside Assistance and adds coverage for temporary living expenses and transportation costs.


Can I reduce coverage while my RV is in storage for the winter?

Yes, you can reduce your coverage to only comprehensive if your RV is stored for more than 90 consecutive days. It’s a great way to save money on your RV insurance.


Is my personal property covered?

With the purchase of additional coverage by some known as emergency assistance, personal property is covered from theft or damage away from home.


Can I drive and camp my RV anywhere?

Our carriers RV insurance will cover your rig in the continental United States, U.S. territories or possessions, and Canada.


How do I file a claim?

Call us at 918-574-6262, email us at claims@tulsainsuranceguy.com or click here ( *take them to claims page listing out all the carriers claims #’s )


Do I also have to insure my car or home with Safeco?

No, your RV can be insured by itself. However, with most of our carriers if you insure your RV and car on the same policy, you can get a multi-vehicle discount.


I’m sold, how do I insure my RV through Safeco?

Give us a call our click here (hyperlink to Rv Quote) to get the best combination of coverage, price and value.