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Tulsa Life InsuranceTulsa Life Insurance

There are many kinds of Tulsa life insurance, but they generally fall into two categories: term insurance and whole insurance. Term life insurance is where the person would only be covered for a certain amount of time; whole life insurance will cover someone for the entirety of their life.

Here at Tulsa Insurance Guy, we offer term life insurance. With term life insurance, you can save much more that you could with whole life insurance. Term life insurance allows you to pay lower monthly costs for a set amount of time, and the plan can be renewed usually at a higher monthly premium.

Term life insurance is the perfect avenue to take if you have assets that would need to be covered in the event of a death. This is the recommended life insurance plan if you have a mortgage or loans. Death in the family is a traumatic experience, let alone when the family is left with huge financial burdens. Keep your family protected; get covered today.