Get a CLUE Report

Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE)


We as do most insurance companies use CLUE to lookup claims filed on a home in the past five years. Your agent uses the information to offer advice about many home insurance coverages is right for you. If you’re the seller of a home, you can request a free CLUE report online through LexisNexis. If you’re considering buying a home, request a copy of the report from the current owner.


Accelerated Information Sharing

Before CLUE, insurance companies would call a home’s previous insurer to find out if the damage was repaired. Now, an online CLUE report is readily available to insurers and home buyers and accelerates the insurance application process.


The Sooner You Know, the Better

If you’re buying a house, it’s a good idea to request a CLUE report at the same time you make your initial offer. If there’s been serious damage or repair to the house, you can let your home inspector know what to look for.


If you’re selling your home, reviewing the CLUE report before listing your house allows you to be completely honest to prospective buyers. You can also check repairs to ensure past problems have been properly fixed.


Calls Are Tracked, but Not a Factor

In some states, CLUE reports may include calls homeowners have made about potential claims, even if no payment occurred. These claims without payment are not a factor in the acceptance or pricing of new policies.