What to Do After a Major Water Leak or Indoor Flood

When dealing with a flooded house, it’s not a good day and well there’s water everywhere—in your walls, under your carpets and soaking into your belongings. Whether caused by a burst pipe, a broken water heater or a flood, there are things you can do immediately to salvage belongings and limit water damage or loss.

  1. Stop the Water
  2. Turn Off the Utilities
  3. Do not use any electrical appliances
  4. Use Fans to Circulate Air for 24-48 hours
  5. Get Water Out Quickly
  6. Get Property to a Dry Location
  7. Remove Area Rugs from the Floor
  8. Do Not Lift Tacked Down Carpet
  9. Wash Your Clothes
  10. Wipe Excess Water from Furniture
  11. Watch Out for Debris and Pests
  12. File a Claim as Soon as Possible.
  13. Don’t Throw Anything Out
  14. Save Receipts
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