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While no one wants to think about their death, it is important to take steps to protect your family in the event of an untimely passing. A life insurance policy helps to provide security and eliminate the financial burden that is far too often experienced by grieving family members. 


Many individuals are under the false assumption that this essential type of insurance coverage comes at a high cost. At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we offer a wide selection of life insurance policies from various providers at affordable rates. Our team will help you look at your assets and determine a level of coverage and policy type that provides your family with the security and protection they deserve.

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Protect Your Family’s Future with Tulsa Life Insurance

As an independent insurance agency in Tulsa, we partner with over 80 nationally-recognized insurance carriers, each offering unique options for life insurance policies. Generally, life insurance coverage falls into two categories: Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. We will help determine the route that is best for you.


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Term life insurance provides coverage for an individual at a set rate for a set amount of time. While this is often the least expensive option, it also has some downfalls. Once your set term has expired, you are either left without this important coverage or you must shop around to find a new policy at a similar rate.


At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we believe term life insurance policies provide our clients with the best value for their unique situations. Term life insurance allows you to pay lower monthly costs for a set amount of time and renew the plan at a slightly higher monthly premium once it expires. Term life insurance is a great choice for individuals who have assets that would need to be covered in the event of a death, specifically a mortgage or loans of any amount.

Whole life insurance, sometimes known as permanent life insurance or universal life insurance, are offered at a set rate and insure the individual for the remainder of their life. At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we believe that term life insurance policies offer greater flexibility and lower rates. For this reason, we do not specialize in whole life insurance policies.

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Finding a Life Insurance Policy That Works for You

At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we are passionate about providing our clients with insurance solutions that are customized to their unique needs. We work with our carriers to provide you with all of the coverage you need, and none that you don’t. This way we are able to save our clients an average of 28% on their insurance premiums.


It is important to work with an independent insurance agent who can look at your unique situation and provide you with insurance solutions that give you the coverage your family deserves. While some life insurance is always better than no life insurance, you must invest in a policy that provides your family with enough coverage to address any financial burdens you may leave behind in an untimely passing.

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Getting a Tulsa Life Insurance Quote

The Tulsa Insurance Guy team is always available to provide you with a customized quote on various types of coverage, including life insurance. While each of the insurance carriers we partner with quote life insurance policies uniquely, each process will consider factors such as your age, your health, and your lifestyle habits. This such as regular exercise and living a smoke-free lifestyle will decrease your quote for coverage. 


Additionally, life insurance policies are typically less expensive for younger individuals who are considered healthy. As you age or experience various health conditions, your premiums can be expected to gradually increase.


Whatever your age, health condition, or lifestyle habits, the Tulsa Insurance Guy team will work hard to find you a policy that offers exceptional coverage, great value, and affordable rates. As your local insurance solution, we consider it a privilege to partner with you in protecting your family’s future.

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Why is Life Insurance Important?

Death in the family is a traumatic experience at any age. The family is often left scrambling, in an attempt to settle final affairs, organize funeral arrangements, and sort through the heavy financial burdens that may be left behind. Although none of us would wish this on our family members, far too many individuals remain complacent in taking the steps necessary to prevent this unnecessary hardship.


While it may be a gruesome topic to discuss, you must plan for your family’s future, accounting for the most unexpected of circumstances. Investing in a life insurance policy should be an important part of your estate planning process as it eliminates great stress and uncertainty upon your passing.


Many individuals are under the false assumption that they do not need to consider life insurance until they are married with children. While this situation certainly increases your need for coverage, there are many reasons to consider life insurance even if you are currently single. Every adult needs to discuss a life insurance policy with one of the experts at Tulsa Insurance Guy.


A life insurance policy will not only cover important financial burdens such as your mortgage but it will also help cover the settlement of any loans you may have as well as your funeral expenses. These financial burdens add incredible hardship to the life of family members and friends who are already in a state of grief.

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We are dedicated to finding a life insurance policy that offers great value, exceptional coverage, and the best rates available! Contact the Tulsa Insurance Guy team today to learn more or to receive a quote on a policy that is customized for your situation.

Life Insurance Through Tulsa Insurance Guy

Our team is dedicated to providing a simple, streamlined insurance experience.

Far too often, individuals dread the stress that often accompanies the insurance process. At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we do the work for you, shopping the marketplace to locate policies that align with both your needs and your budget.


We are also passionate about helping our clients save money while protecting every area of their lives. Because of this, we always look for lower rates, applicable discounts, and special offers from various insurance carriers. Many times, we can offer a discount to clients who bundle their life insurance policy with other insurance coverage such as home or auto. In this way, you can protect your family both now and in the future.


Whatever your insurance needs, the Tulsa Insurance Guy team is ready to serve you. We strongly believe in the importance of life insurance for every adult in Tulsa. Without this important coverage, your family could be left facing incredible financial hardship while wrestling with the loss of a loved one. By investing in a Tulsa life insurance policy, you can provide your family with the peace of mind in knowing their needs are protected, even in the most unexpected circumstances.