Renters Insurance Features and Coverage Options

You’ve Rented a Great Place. We’ll Make Sure You Don’t Rent Trouble.

When you rent an apartment or house, your landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings if they’re stolen or damaged by something like water leaking from your neighbor’s overflowing toilet or a kitchen fire. Renters insurance will protect your personal belongings and also protect you if you’re held legally responsible for injuries to another person or guest while they’re visiting your home.

At Home and in Your Car

Renters insurance policy covers your personal belongings, like your couch, flat-screen TV, tablet, skis and game console. Your possessions are protected when they’re at home or with you anywhere around the world. In certain situations, your stuff may even be protected if it’s stolen from your car.

If You’re Held Liable

Your renters insurance policy also includes liability coverage – which is protection for you if you’re held responsible for injuring another person or if a guest gets hurt while visiting your place.

Temporary Housing

If you can’t live in your building while it’s being repaired or rebuilt after a covered loss, additional living expenses helps pay the cost of temporary housing.

Coverage Options

Identity Recovery

Will help cover the cost of restoring your identity if you’re the victim of identity theft. You can also reduce your risk by learning how to prevent identity theft

Musical Instruments and Baseball Cards

If you have things like a keyboard, guitar or drum set, gold necklaces or other collectibles like your grandfather’s vintage baseball card collection, you may need extra protection. With valuable articles coverage, belongings you specify are protected by an agreed dollar amount, and there is no deductible.

Replace your belongings For What its Worth.

If you sold your couch in a yard sale, you’d probably get less for it than what a brand new one costs in the furniture store. In the event of a loss, Safeco personal property replacement cost protection will help pay for the cost to purchase a new couch that is of similar size and style as the one you lost. Same goes for your TV, clothing, sporting goods, bed and other covered belongings. We’ll pay the actual replacement cost of your things that were damaged or stolen regardless of their age and condition, up to the limits and deductibles you select.