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Churches are faced with a unique set of needs and challenges when it comes to insurance coverage. As a church, you must protect your employees, your congregation, and other individuals who use your building. At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we work to provide churches and organizations with the coverage they need at an affordable rate. 


We partner with over 80 nationally-recognized insurance carriers, allowing us to shop various policies and select policies that provide you with an insurance solution customized to your needs.


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As a church, it is important that you protect yourself and your congregation from the unexpected. By investing in a quality insurance policy, you can avoid unnecessary spending due to accidents, damage, or other incidents. The type of church insurance policy you select will depend on several factors including your building’s location, number of employees, claim history, and more. 


The Tulsa Insurance Guy team will help you assess your unique situation and provide you with advice regarding the level of coverage you require. Some of the most common types of church insurance policies include:

Important for all churches, general liability insurance helps to pay for injuries or damage that occurs on your property. From injuries due to a congregant slipping to property damage or loss due to theft, general liability coverage ensures you can adequately cover the unexpected.

Many churches or religious organizations have a van, bus, or other vehicles that are used to transport congregants to and from events. If the vehicle is owned by the church, they fall under the category of a commercial vehicle. It is required by law that you take out a commercial auto insurance policy to provide liability and physical damage coverage for anyone who is driving the vehicle.

There may be additional types of coverage that you need depending on your church’s involvement, location, and unique situation. Some other types of coverage for churches to consider include the following:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance to pay for medical expenses for employees who are injured while on church property.
  • Flood insurance if the church building is located in an area prone to flooding.
  • Personal property insurance to insure expensive equipment such as instruments, sound equipment, and other property within the church.
  • Event insurance to cover wedding ceremonies, community service events, and other large gatherings.

Additionally, your church may even choose to invest in an umbrella policy that provides an added layer of protection should a lawsuit exceed the limits of your other policies. The amount of church insurance coverage your church needs will depend greatly on the size of your church as well as how often your church building is used for activities other than worship.

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At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we are passionate about customizing an insurance solution that offers protection, values safety, and saves your congregation money. We are always looking for ways to offer discounts and lower your rates through safety and security recommendations, payment plans, and more. Contact the Tulsa Insurance Guy team today to request a custom quote for Tulsa church insurance!

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