Condo Insurance Features and Coverage Options

Are You Protected? Get the Coverage You Need.

Condo insurance covers what your condo association policy doesn’t. You’ll definitely need to provide your own coverage for personal belongings. You’ll likely need additional coverage for any improvements or remodel work you’ve done inside your condo unit. Whether you need a condo insurance policy with only basic coverage or a fully loaded policy with increased protection for bathroom fixtures, plumbing and wiring, we can give you the flexibility to choose.
Tulsa Insurance Guy can offer personal advice about product availability in your area and how much coverage is right for you. We’ll help you make sure your condominium is properly protected.

Standard Coverage

Included with Every Policy

Your condo policy includes coverage to help pay for repairs and fix damage done to the inside of your condo unit. This is the main feature of a condo insurance policy.

At Home and on the Road

Every policy covers your personal property, like your sofa and armchair set, flat-screen TV, laptop, tennis racket and blender. This means your possessions are protected from damage and theft when they’re at home or with you anywhere in the world, from the next block over to another continent.

If You’re Held Responsible

Your condo insurance also protects people. It protects you in some situations if you’re held legally responsible for damage caused to someone else’s property. If a guest is injured while visiting you in your condo, they’re covered too. You and your family are protected against bodily injury, property damage claims and litigation.

Temporary Housing and Expenses

If you’re unable to live in your condo while it’s being repaired or rebuilt after a covered loss, additional living expenses helps pay the cost of temporary housing and living expenses for up to 24 months.

Popular Coverage Options

Identity Recovery

For only $1 a month, identity recovery coverage helps cover the cost of restoring your identity if it’s stolen. You can reduce your risk by learning how to prevent identity theft.

Art, Silverware and Coins

Some high value items like silverware, coins, fine art, jewelry and other collectibles require special protection. With valuable articles coverage, belongings you specify are protected by an agreed dollar amount, and there is no deductible.

Multiple Losses, One Deductible

Combine your condo and auto policies and become eligible for a single loss deductible. If your car or motorcycle insured with the same provider is damaged in the same event as your condo, you may only have to pay one deductible. For example, if a tree falls and damages both your condo and your car, we’ll waive your auto deductible after your condo deductible is paid. Ask us about other coverage options and for personal advice about condo insurance coverage that’s right for you, including loss assessment coverage.