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Insurance coverage is crucial for everyone in the construction industry.

From the general contractor doing broad types of work to the trade contractor completing specific jobs on the project. Not all coverages are available to all contractors and subject to underwriter approval. Because of this, it is important to consult an independent insurance agent at Tulsa Insurance Guy to select a construction insurance policy that is right for you! 


As your local insurance solution, we work with over 80 nationally-recognized insurance carriers. This allows us to shop for the very best quotes from reliable providers, offering you great coverage at even better rates. 


The Tulsa Insurance Guy team is dedicated to educating each of our clients, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their insurance coverage. With so many types of Tulsa construction insurance policies available today, it is important to find an agent who truly has your best interests in mind.

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Types of Tulsa Construction Insurance Coverage

Just like other types of insurance policies, there are countless types of construction insurance policies available. At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we will help you assess your situation, providing professional advice on coverage that meets both your needs and your budget. 


In general terms, construction insurance provides protection during construction projects of any kind. Construction insurance is a general term that is used to describe insurance coverage that is purchased by a business involved in construction or as protection for a particular construction project.

Often required by the state as a minimum level of insurance coverage, general liability coverage is purchased by a business to protect against bodily harm or property damage. Individuals who are often required to carry this type of coverage include property owners, construction companies, general contractors, trade contractors, remodelers, developers, and more. 


A general liability insurance policy helps to cover things such as poor workmanship, injuries acquired on the job, defamation, property damage, and more.

Unfortunately, many things can occur during the course of a construction project. Builders risk insurance provides protection for buildings during the construction process and helps to pay for damage caused by fire, weather, and vandalism. If the construction project is located in an area that experienced extreme weather such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or flooding, you will need to consider additional coverage.


While each carrier offers a different level of coverage, most builders’ risk insurance policies cover building materials, temporary structures, landscaping installed by the builder, foundation, outdoor fixtures, permanent and temporary fencing, and more.

Almost all developers, remodelers, contractors, and construction workers drive some type of company vehicle. From small cars for appointments to large trucks to haul equipment, these vehicles must be covered by commercial auto insurance. 


While some forms of construction insurance are not required, commercial auto insurance is required by law for any type of vehicle used for your business. Commercial auto insurance protects your business by covering injuries or property damage caused by accidents occurring in the vehicle. This insurance covers yourself, your employees, or anyone else that is driving your commercial vehicle for work purposes.

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As a member of the construction industry, you must protect yourself, your family, and your business from the unexpected. By investing in a quality construction insurance policy, you can prevent an accident from destroying your business. Are you ready to get started? Contact the Tulsa Insurance Guy team today to learn more!