Tulsa Flood Insurance

If you live in an area prone to flooding, it is important to consider investing in a flood insurance policy. Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive homeowners insurance policy will not cover damage to your home due to floodwaters. By investing in a flood insurance policy, you will be provided with the satisfaction of knowing you will be able to repair or replace your home in the event of widespread flooding.


At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we know that not every homeowner benefits from the additional coverage provided through a flood insurance policy. We will never sell you coverage that you do not need. Our team will work alongside you to assess your risk of flooding, looking at a topographical map in addition to recommendations provided through FEMA’s flood hazard maps.

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Tulsa Flood Insurance Coverage

Many Tulsa homeowners are under the impression that they do not need to consider flood insurance since we are not located on the coast. However, there is just as much risk for widespread flooding in inland areas such as Oklahoma.


From severe storms and heavy rainfall to melting snow and flash floods that overflow lakes, your risk for flooding depends solely on your geographic location. As with any type of insurance coverage, it is always tempting to think that you will never use flood insurance. However, this coverage can be life-changing for individuals who find their homes intruded by unexpected flooding.


Benefits of Flood Insurance

There are several reasons to consider a flood insurance policy. Most importantly, flood insurance will help to pay for repairs or replacement of your home if it is damaged in a covered flood. Flood insurance does not pay for flood damage caused by burst pipes, leaky roofs, or other interior sources. However, these types of water damage are often covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Flood insurance will also help cover your temporary living expenses if you are forced to vacate your home while it is under repair. Many types of flooding carry the risk of contamination or mold. For this reason, relocating to a temporary living space is often required until your home is repaired.

It is important to routinely evaluate your risk of flooding. FEMA regularly updates their flood hazard maps as flood risk does change over time. When you are renewing your other insurance policies with Tulsa Insurance Guy, be sure to ask whether flood insurance is something to consider for your unique situation. Our team is always ready to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision regarding your coverage.

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Homeowners are often hesitant to add additional coverage to their policy, hoping that their homeowners policy will cover any unexpected damage that occurs. Flood insurance, however, can be purchased for only a few dollars a month. A nominal fee for those who live in flood-prone areas.


At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we partner with over 80 nationally-recognized insurance carriers. This allows us to shop the insurance marketplace with your best interests in mind. We provide our clients with access to the most comprehensive flood insurance coverage at great rates!

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