Tulsa Watercraft and Boat Insurance

Tulsa Watercraft and Boat Insurance

It has been a long week and all you can think about is getting out on the water. With Tulsa Insurance Guy, we understand the joy of relaxing on the water, whether it’s a lake, river or the ocean. We know all about insuring your bass or fishing boat, your cabin cruiser, ski boat, sailboat or pontoon. We’ll also insure your Jet Ski®, WaveRunner® or other personal watercraft. Get comprehensive coverage that protects you, your friends and family, your boat, your PWC and your gear for an entire year. With us, not only is your watercraft covered in the water, but it’s covered on land too. Why pay more for Tulsa watercraft and boat insurance when you can save?

Features & Coverages

Be protected on water and on land, with the right policy for you. We have the best companies to choose from.


It’s smooth sailing from here because, we will help you get back on the water. Our providers will be here 24/7.

Discounts and Savings

Discounts are available for taking a boating safety course, having a diesel engine and having more than one insurance policy. Our discounts will help you save money for those nifty gadgets and gear you saw at the boat show. Learn how to pay less for boat insurance.

Boat Insurance

Find answers to frequently asked questions about boat and personal watercraft insurance.

Protect Your Investment and Enjoy Life.

Make your time on the water a safer and more enjoyable experience. Learn about personal watercraft safety, where to get a fishing license, and how to maintain or winterize your boat. Enjoy fair winds. We’ve got you covered.

Why Insure Your Boat With Us?

Discover why we are the best fit for your boating insurance needs.