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What happens when the unexpected happens? A Tulsa umbrella insurance policy prepares you for this type of situation. This essential level of coverage goes beyond the coverage provided through your home or auto policies. An umbrella insurance policy provides broader coverage that protects you and your family if you are sued.

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By carefully assessing the level of risk of both you and your family members, you can determine whether umbrella insurance is right for you. At Tulsa Insurance Guy, we can provide you with Tulsa umbrella insurance policies for less than a dollar a day. With such reasonable rates, we strongly believe that every individual should invest in an umbrella insurance policy. 


The simple act of investing in umbrella coverage could save you from living through your worst nightmare. Unfortunately, a multimillion-dollar lawsuit could happen to anyone. In today’s society, individuals sue others over seemingly small issues. By purchasing umbrella insurance, you are protecting both you and your family against the unexpected.

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Choosing Your Umbrella Insurance Policy

Chances are, this may be the first time you are hearing of an umbrella insurance policy. Because of this, many people assume they do not need to invest in this important type of coverage. However, if you find yourself facing a lawsuit for any reason, an umbrella insurance policy could save you from living your worst nightmare.

To purchase Tulsa umbrella insurance, most of our insurance carriers require that you have an existing auto policy with them including a certain amount of liability coverage. Your umbrella policy will provide you with an extra layer of liability protection for any type of insurance coverage held with that company or other insurance companies.

We all enjoy traveling. However, traveling also presents many opportunities for accidents to occur. A Tulsa umbrella insurance policy covers not only you but also your spouse and family members living in your household. While your auto insurance policy is not likely to cover an accident had while driving in a foreign country, your umbrella policy will. With an umbrella policy in place, you can enjoy your journey, knowing that you are prepared for anything life throws your way.

In the event of a lawsuit against you or your family, you quickly accumulate legal defense fees of thousands of dollars. These fees are also covered, win or lose, for all claims covered by your personal umbrella policy and not covered by your underlying insurance policy.

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